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Compliance Services of America

We Take Compliance To A Higher Standard!

Custom Labor Law Posters & Digital Products

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Web Store

All In One Supervisors Compliance and Training App

$49.95 $99.95

The most comprehensive Digital compliance resource on the market today! This one app is the nerve center for all of our Click & Comply Apps. This Mobile App Provides a supervisor with all the answers he needs to comply with Government employment rules and regulations and includes a custom employee training platform that trains each employee individually throughout the year with Live quarterly training meetings. This patented platform includes:

Digital Labor Law Posters for Remote employees and for company Intranet use. Saves you $35,000 in non compliance fines

Fast Fact sheets covering all employee notices you post, This will answer any question an employee may have.

Click & Comply links to all State and Federal agencies that have regulations you are required to comply with, Takes the Guesswork out of Government Compliance.

Uses our Compliance First Training standards. This gives supervisors the ability to quick Train on command for near misses or accidents, Retraining for policy changes, New employee safety training and Quarterly, We Train Them, Safety Meetings tailored to the employees Job, not just General. Guaranteed Compliance with OSHA training Requirements!

Digital record keeping that follows government rules for documentation and retention standards. Never misplace another form again!

Compliance Chat room for supervisors, give and get real world advice from other businesses like yours.

Compliance Specialist for your account is just on click away to answer your most complex of questions!

Access to our in house attorneys to assist you in referrals and answering your general questions should a suit or complaint be made.

Real Time product updates for one year, as the law changes we immediately update the app and notify you of the changes, renew annually!

Blog on current labor laws and training, 24 hour news feed, Compliance Calendar that tracks and notifies you of all compliance due dates!

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