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Compliance Services of America

We Take Compliance To A Higher Standard!

Custom Labor Law Posters & Digital Products

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Web Store

Web Store

One Year Premium Compliance First Service

$99.95 $449.00

This Premium Service gives you, the small employer, the peace of mind knowing that you, your employees and supervisors are being kept up to date with required updates and custom compliance add ons as the year progresses. The Service Includes

One Custom All On One Labor Law Poster and Update Service for a year (We send you update posters as laws change at no additional cost) a $59.95 Value

The Digital Labor Law Poster App for your computers and remote workers, includes 10 License's includes one year free updates as laws change a $49.95 Value

Two Supervisor/HR Compliance and Safety Training Apps, Our Number 1 best seller. Includes 1 year of updates and Software upgrades, Quarterly Safety Training Video's  and all other services as listed on the product sheet in web store. a $99.95 Value.

Quarterly Full Color Safety and Compliance Poster mailed to you to post in your workplace that showcases your next training sessions Video Topic and a QR COde Video Short safety video included with poster. a $29.95 Value

The Attorney "You have been Served" Service. If you get served with an employment related action, This service allows you to call our Nationally Known Labor Law attorney to get the information on what the action is, what to do and where to go for additional legal help. It is imperitive to have an attorney involved to protect you with the Attorney Client Privilege when formulating a response. A $200.00 Value (30 minute consultation).

The Compliance First $50,000.00 Labor Law protection guarantee, We guarantee to pay any fine up to $50,000.00 if you are fined for a posting violation due to our poster being out of date or not meeting government requirements. We also warrant that our Posters and Compliance products meet the Legal Discovery requirements of the state or federal government and will provide a defense of up to $50,000 should our posters be deemed non compliant. See Specifics on Compliance First Certificate you receive with this service.


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