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Compliance Services of America

We Take Compliance To A Higher Standard!

Custom Labor Law Posters & Digital Products

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Web Store

Web Store

Compliance First Yearly Poster Update Service


Over 30% of the labor law posters you post will change each year, Our Compliance First Update Service will send you update posters as laws change at no cost. You can cancel at anytime and get your pro-rated payment returned to you. We also offer you this guarantee with our update service:

This Custom Compliance Poster is a one of a kind poster that is printed one at a time based on the information you provide regarding your company. This ensures an accurate and 100-% compliant poster! Once posted in your workplace you are then protected by our $50,000 Guarantee to cover your fine or cover your Discovery costs in court should you suffer a loss due to our products." Each poster is certified compliant by signature of the Compliance Specialist that produced it and the Attorney that reviewed the original content for your version of this poster.

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