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Custom Labor Law Posters & Digital Products

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All On One State And Federal Labor Law Poster

$9.95 $29.95

The Law Requires ALL Employers to Post both State and Federal Labor Law Posters in an area frequented by their employees during the normal course of the workday!

Failure to Comply can lead to fines of over $34,000.

Not Posting these notices is considered non compliance with the law in employee lawsuits and can cause an employer to lose his right to a defense!

Our 26" X 40" All On One poster includes all State and Federal Required Posters, All On One Poster, Simplify your Compliance with this one all inclusive space saving poster that includes:

  1. Free Poster Update Service - We notify you whenever a change occures to your poster!
  2. One Free Lan Digital PDF All In One compliance poster for your Networked computer usage. Additional licenses are $7.95 ea.

3.Free Poster Update Notification Service

4. $50,000 Compliance First Poster Guarantee. We guarantee our product is current, Up to date and includes all required posters, In addition we will notify you as laws change to keep your poster current, If we fail this warranty in any way, we will pay the fine up to $50,000

(Oregon Poster Shown, Your poster will include all your required State and Federal Posters)

100% Guaranteed Compliance!

Please Specify State: and Employees on Payroll:

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